Yes! Yes! It’s summer! It’s party time! I love my noisy friends, music, having fun and it is my turn to make a party, that is, in my house. Night clubs are good if they are next door, but as a rule you are annoyed by getting home late at night, having drunk much strange alcohol. One night my purse and my friend’s mobile phone were stolen in the night club. Another friend had an awful hangover next day, though he hadn’t drunk much. Something wrong was with the alcohol drinks in that club. Having discussed that night we decided to have a party at home of one of us in turn once a month or so. The reasons are obvious – homemade drinks, and we can stay and sleep at the same place whole night without loss of personal things.
The task of the host is cocktails and the rest (food, music) are guests’. So. Cocktails. I learned a lot of recipes from my friends. They were so different – strong or low alcohol, sweet or hot, beautiful or simple, but it was a real fun and we felt well next day. When it was my turn to have party last time, I searched the internet, learnt a lot of recipes, but there was one here that impressed me so much and the taste is another story. It is absolutely summer cocktail because of the main ingredient – watermelon.This cocktail looks fantastically and it tastes captivating. As a result I have to make and bring this cocktail to every party. It’s a king of cocktails – I think. Have a party and make this cocktail for sure!
Watermelon ShotsWatermelon Shots

Watermelon Shots
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  1. 1 watermelon – 12-16 pound
  2. cups vodka – 4 cups
  3. red Jell-O mix – 4 boxes(3-ounce each)
  4. gelatin(unflavored) – 2 boxes(1-ounce each)
  1. Cut the watermelon with a large knife into 2 equal halves (lengthwise).
  2. Slice all the way around the perimeter of the watermelon flesh, next to the rind (1 inch from it). Do not to pierce through the skin - Jell-O can easily leak out then. Scrape out the rest with a spoon and make a smooth bowl, leaving 1/2-inch red watermelon flesh on the rind.
  3. Combine the Jell-O mix, the unflavored gelatin, 4 cups of boiling water in a large bowl and whisk until the gelatin is dissolved - about 2 minutes. Now add the vodka and whisk to combine the ingredients.
  4. Pour the mixture into the watermelon bowls evenly. Place the Jell-O filled watermelon bowls in the fridge to refrigerate for about 4 hours.
  5. When Jell-O is done, cut each half into slices, resembling small pieces of watermelon .Serve.