Crunchy Pecan Banana French Toast

Crunchy Pecan Banana French Toast

Who doesn’t love crunches? I would be surprised or even shocked if anybody told that he or she hated crunches. Would you refuse to have crunchy French toasts that are sweet and have fruit-pecan flavor? I couldn’t stand making such ones. It seemed to be fantastic breakfast or wonderful idea for brunch and teatime.

Store-bought pretzels can never be better than a sweet snack, which I make myself. Making these toasts didn’t take me more time than cooking porridge. Moreover, this dish can joy you any time, not only in the morning unlike simple cereals. Well, I have to boast of the process of cooking. It was pretty simple.

Pecan Pie Cookies Easy Recipe

For most of us having tea or coffee is a usual everyday thing. Someone drinks them to wake up at last; somebody else needs them to increase blood pressure, for others it is a habit to have a cup of some drink in the morning. But very few of us really care about bits with these drinks.

Try to make something sweet

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a meat sandwich or a piece of sweet cake. In my family, I am responsible for food that we have with our drinks in the morning or for afternoon tea. We prefer sweets and in most cases, they are homemade. I can buy of course some cookies or chocolates, but it’s more pleasant to eat sweets that I made with my own hands.

Gyros with Greek Chicken

It’s hard to find anything positive in late awaking. You are in rush, you remember only your strict boss and your heart is almost jumping out of the body. It happened to me once. Another bad thing was that day – I forgot to take my lunch box to work, though I knew that I wouldn’t have time to go out and have it at a café. There was only one way out – to buy something outside, running to work. And I did.

Then I try Greek Chicken Gyros…

That was a van of fast food. The only word I remembered about the biggest thing I bought – “gyros”. It was full of meat and vegetables – just everything I needed for lunch. When I had some time for lunch, at last, I took that gyros out of my bag and I was amazed with its taste. It didn’t taste as usual fast food. I remembered the name of my saving food.

Chicken Avocado Burritos

Does it happen to you that you want to eat something new, special and it is not a chocolate? It is that what didn’t leave me along during a week last month. I sorted out in my head all possible variants, but I wasn’t able to understand what was necessary for my taste buds and stomach. The workweek was very hard and I needed very nutritious products for each meal. The desire of some unknown dish was growing. I had to solve this annoying problem.
The decision was quite simple – the internet should help me. I was surfing and searching a recipe that would save me. It happened on this blog – burritos – yes, exactly! I was amazed with the ingredients – it was enough to read the directions to swallow my salivating.

Easy Restaurant-Style Blender Salsa

My careful relatives (parents and grandparents) always told me about harm of such junk food as chips. There was time when I believed them, but after I tasted once, they lost their chance to correct anything. Why can’t I eat that what tastes so well, especially with good sauce? I can’t find any harm in corn chips with some delicious sauce when I watch movies or just walk around the city with my friends. An idea came to my mind – I must prove my adults that the food I eat is very delicious and not very harmful.
If I buy sauce, they won’t be surprised and they wouldn’t like even to taste anything. I had to cook myself. I prefer salsa with my dear chips and I was going to cook it myself. It was not a problem for me to surf the internet and get a perfect recipe on this website .

Chili Pasta Bake

What is cooking in your life? Do you get nervous because of spending your time by the stove as my friend does? Is it true that you cook just to eat something? Neither is about me. Making delicious dishes, I feel like a wizard and I want to see my charmed family or guests, eating something that was supposed to be a masterpiece of cooking.
How often does your kid ask you to cook soup? Mine do it quite often, because they know it won’t be just boiled meat and vegetables in broth. I will do my best and they will have a fantastic soup. Yes, I love cooking; it is the hobby, which involves my soul.
It was a week ago, when my husband wanted to have simple pasta. It is impossible to imagine me cooking Simple pasta. No, it is about some other person. I decided to find a new recipe and prepare everything in a new way. I did it. The recipe was here .

Garden Toasted Ravioli

I have been following the idea of healthy food in my life for so many years that I can’t remember when it started. Junk food is absent in my fridge and frying is not practiced by me when I cook. But one day my best friend who lives abroad was coming to see me and I tried to remember the dishes she liked. My memory gave me only one word – ravioli. I had to cook food that I hadn’t been eating for so many years, but my friend…We haven’t seen each other for ages. I can do anything for her as well she can for me.
The next point was a recipe. I didn’t have any and if I find it that must be a especial one. Some minutes of search and I got it on this source . Toasted ravioli sounded very unusually to me. I read the instructions and it was clear that I could cook those ravioli.


Season is the least important for having parties. Hot parties are even more interesting in winter than in warm season. The idea of Mexican party came to my friends’ and my mind a month later after return from trip to Mexico. If you have been to that country or just like it with any reasons, its cuisine will sunk into your soul forever. It is a bit spicy, but it’s not a rule. You find your favorite dish and it will be immortal love. One of such dishes, that is a sauce, is guacamole. I don’t understand yet whether it’s a main course or just a sauce. I can have it in any way.
So, guacamole was a must at our party. I was going to make myself of course. I searched the internet and the recipe fell in my hands from this blog

Mini Meatloaf Pepper Rings

There is endless variety of dishes where vegetables and meat are combined and you receive a main course. I prefer to cook such food because side dish is not necessary in this case and I don’t have to spend more time in the kitchen. Such combinations are very nutritious too. It doesn’t matter whether you cook it for your family or for your company that is invited for festive dinner. You will win any way. I often cook vegetables and meat together to save some time for myself.
A week or two ago I was going to cook dinner. I checked my fridge and I was satisfied with the products inside but my ideas about possible dish were over. Thank God, I remembered the main storage of ideas – the internet. On this blog I was satisfied with a new (for me) dish.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Granola Apple Bites

My fantasy didn’t let me imagine breakfast that would be better than granola. I always made it myself, adding new fruit or seeds every time. I felt energetic and full after it. If you keep yourself in good shape, you understand me. I could seldom have cereal for breakfast instead of my favorite dish. One friend told me about bites of granola that can be eaten even for dessert. I was skeptical about this news. I couldn’t let myself change anything in my breakfast food.
Some time later, I tasted the dish my friend had told me about. I agreed that the taste is wonderful. She showed me the recipe on this source, where she had found the recipe.