How many types of lemonade do you know? Have ever thought about it at all? Do you think it is just water with lemon juice? It is what I always knew and I had never asked myself about lemonade types before one thing happened to me. It radically changed my mind about refreshing drinks forever.On a hot day I was outside in the city and I was suffering – I wanted to have a drink so much that I felt myself in a desert. I was lucky to find a small café on my way and I ran into it to quench my thirsty. I looked through the list of drinks and I was surprised with a wide choice of lemonades. Is it really possible to make so many types of them – I thought. I ordered watermelon lemonade. After I drank it I had a feeling like I had eaten a good piece of watermelon. The taste was wonderful. I decided to make it at home.

My experiments in making that lemonade were not very successful and I understood – the internet can help me. How joyful I was to see the recipe of watermelon lemonade here! I followed it and made absolutely identical lemonade to the one I had at a café. I make it as often as it is possible during summer. It is so refreshing and even hearty. I am not thirsty and fed after it for a long period of time. Isn’t it a wonder? Follow the recipe and you will be amazed with the taste of this perfectly refreshing drink. Treat your friends this lemonade and everybody’s mood will be excellent!
Watermelon LemonadeWatermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade
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  1. chilled watermelon( peeled, without seeds and cubed) – 6 cups
  2. cold water – 4 cups
  3. fresh chilled lemon juice – 3\4 cup
  4. granulated sugar – 2\3 cup (or to taste)
  5. ice and mint for serving
  1. Puree watermelon with a blender. Pour into a bowl through a strainer.
  2. Water, lemon juice and sugar whisk together in a big pitcher until sugar has dissolved. Add watermelon puree, ice and mint to the mixture. Store in a fridge.